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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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her family and friends. we will miss her greatly. >> for those who knew and love the college, for family in the weekend. >> katie fell while hiking in a nature preserve. >> private ceremony at notre dame academy in park hills. rich jaffe. >> and katie stewart made an impression on everyone who knew her. they are talking about how tough it is to process what happened. katie stewart was a 2012 graduate of notre dame academy. ironically the slogan in her yearbook, it's not the end. it's only the beginning. besides her smiling picture, the
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now those who knew her are not so sure. >> she had a lot of life in her. a lot of goodness. >> when katie graduated, larry cale was the school's principal. thinking of her now, brings a smile. >> she thought something, she will bring it to you. she was not afraid to talk to adults and challenges things and question them. i think that, you know, she was respected for that. >> according to officials, she was hiking in the nature run, when she slipped and fell from her death. repelling, and responding rescue crews couldn't do anything to save her. when a boat was used to carry her body out. the boat capsized and all the firefighters made it to safety. and she was expected to graduate soon. she worked in a local ice cream shop where on sunday, they celebrated her life.
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add tough task, making sense of the senseless. >> we're in the middle of the easter week. for our faith, it's a special and meaning time. it's a story that begins with a lot of pain and suffering and ends in great hope, new life. i think the challenge for us, is to understand how do we find that hope and new life in a story? we're living it right now, when we lose to something to dear and to so many. >> they donate to the humane society in lexington. >> services for katie stewart will be held on wednesday, saint agnes church in fort right. the funeral mass will be held at 7:00. crews say they were not able to resume the recovery for the car that plunged in the bridge into the river. they say the river current is still too dangerous for divers.
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the water some time later this week if conditions improve. the crash happened on tuesday and later in the week, police were contacted by the family of a missing man who they believe was driving the car. his name was not yet released. police say drugs or alcohol were likely factors of a deadly crash. and it happened in the same bridge near kellogg just before 10:00 last night. 41-year-old scott petriious died in the crash. detectives say cory rear-ended him. and litmeyer was also injured. police charged her with aggravated homicide. he has a pass conviction. and police say 72-year-old john morelock ran a red light in kings gateway this morning. the car hit two vehicles and flipped over. his wife, lavern died after being thrown from the vehicle. two other people were injured during the crash.
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say threatened on facebook to blow up schools within a 50 mile radius in cincinnati is facing charges. officer believed he is making the post. threat made at campbell county middle school, sent students out of the building. officers found nothing but they did take a 14-year-old into custody for making the threat. they hope to catch his killer. one year ago, someone shot and killed darren jones outside the bar. bar. we told you about the case last week. the 28-year-old ironworker
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police released security video. man passes derrick and turns to follow him. if you know anything that could help police find the killer, please call crimestoppers, 352-3040, the number. local politician sits in jail facing drugs and assault charges. officers respond to assault call. police say they found marijuana in lisa kavanaugh's room. and john kavanaugh is charged with assault. >> what firefighters thought caused the fire that displaced
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. >> sips natty weigh in. proposed ordinance would ask to sort it during the big events. the opening day parade an flying pig marathon, some would like to see the street car operated on the parts of the line that don't
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once the street car operations begin in the fall >> rupture line. and firefighters believe the contractor caused the rupture in the complex in wood stock drive in fairfield. everybody got out safely. state troopers, after a store clerk is terrorized during knifepoint. state troopers say, they pulled a knife and forced the clerk on the ground so they can clean up the register. after the police were notified, troopers stopped the car that matched the description of the vehicle. they took anthony and benjamin fletcher to the claremont county . >> chief justice, means the
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16 defendants back to the jail, because there's no officers to super supervise them. the justice says the cuts and house democrats would 1500 jobs. and he was saying whatever hair he has left is on fire trying to cope with the impact of the proposed cut. >> he escaped the childhood of poverty and abuse. now you'll see how she's helping others do the same thing. >> here's the cbs news tonight, history in havana. cuba welcomes president obama, remarkable moment for u.s.
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>> we continue our look over the poverty, in the queen city which is ranked worst in the country. >> debbie bowman is one of the lucky few to break the cycle. she didn't do it on her own. she's working to pay it forward. >> i lived in poverty. i lived with dangerous. it started because i was born to a mother who was diagnosed with paranoid skits frenny. >> in 1965, 12 days before debbie's fourth birthday, her mother killed her 7-month old brother, kelly. she spent years in and out of treatment. >> water and gas would be turned off. she wasn't going down without a fight. >> looks really small for me now.
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and eventually here in grand view high school. >> i knew early on, education was the on. >> school is where she had a life changing experience. >> the lady that was always there, wasn't there. and i had to think, am i humiliated and say, free lunch or do i eat. of course, i chose to eat. >> debbie got a paper route to have money. by 7th grade she was class president. scared of her mother's outburst, she left home and went to a neighbor's garage.
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>> if i was not in the gym, i would be either on drugs. i would be in jail or i'd be dead. >> it was also something else, too. someone who cared. her coach. >> and she would go to court, if you keep her, in youth haven rather than stay somewhere else, i will pay back and for the. >> there was others, too. she was a director at the comprehensive center in northern kentucky, where debbie was getting counselling. >> having an adult in her lives, kind of inspired them. having a mentor of some kind. this is possible. you don't have to live this way, all your life. >> and debbie eventually found her way out here in the cincinnati's museum. at 17, she joined the maintenance department, taking
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coo. she remembers her past. >> debbie is president of girls hope, cincinnati. >> i was prepared to take on this position. >> was there a better path? i sure was there was. i may have not been as passionate if i didn't realize the dream was so strong >> education is still what motivates her. >> through education, you could change everything. >> and you could tell more about boys hope, girls hope in cincinnati. it gives at risk kids.
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event it to engage everybody in the effort to engage everybody. a town hall meeting this evening, will bring people and meetings together. a look at the goal for the event >> hi. >> and the goal is to push the ball forward a little bit. channel 12 got into the game, started putting it together. who is doing things right, how could we make a change. we're dealing with 108 thousand in our area. 44 percent of the children are in poverty. how do we change that? if we're throwing billion dollars in the problem and the numbers aren't moving, what are we doing wrong? we will start the conversation
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that is probably is as good as around the country. we have lynne marmer to leave collaboratetive. go to our face book page. you could join on the discussion, live at 7:00. >> and here's what you need to discussion. the town hall is from 7:00 to 8:00, and if you can't make it, you could your thoughts. angenette levy will be handling your social media coverage. >> it's officially spring. temperatures are starting to show they are cool. >> and by the time we get to the
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be in the upper 50s. we should see temperatures above average tomorrow. : if you have been out, flowers have bloomed. i've had flowers bloom all the way to december. let's see if they can hold out. we have beautiful weather right now. taking a look at college hill. sun sets at 7:572. by the 30th of march, we're look at the sunset. 8:00 sunset by the end of the month, pretty nice. we'll see later in the evening. and temperatures, well, they are a little bit below average. they will get below average tomorrow afternoon.
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50ties for hillsborough. few in the upper 40s right now. wind is making it feel a little cooler. we'll continue to have the breeze around 14 miles an hour. and until the sunsets. after the sunsets, the winds should die down. and we're dry, as an area of high pressure keeps us that way. live precision doppler rain. and you could see satellite and radar, not a whole lot of cloud cover. that cloud cover will keep us dry much tonight at 8:00, will be in the mid 40s. midnight, we're in the upper 40s. we'll start off at 63 degrees tomorrow morning. temperatures 54 by noon. warmer where we are by now much and tomorrow afternoon, topping
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winds are going to be up there between 15-20 miles an hour. and if not, a little higher late in the afternoon. wind gusts, 30-35 miles an hour possible. that's not what we're escaping tomorrow. at least we're dry and warmer. temperatures will start off in the 40s. we'll be back in the 60s for wednesday afternoon. couple of isolated showers, especially west and northwest of cincinnati. cincinnati: we dry out for friday. 50s for a high. and saturday, it looks dry right now. since we nudged the timing of the rain. we will have a couple of showers, especially late in the day.
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. >> we suspected it will be a year of upsets. 10 wins, with double dimit seating. and the most. double-digits. the loss is just as jarring. as they ended the season on fade away quarter 3 at the buzzer. brad citizenky has more. >> this is the spot that will haunt the musketeers for quite some time. knocking a buzzer breathing 3. heartbreaking conclusion to a special season >> >> just to look at the bar.
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you can't see it so easily. you know you got a ball in the corner. it's a good time shot. >> when we went up, i was excited shot went in. i bet i couldn't explain how i'm feeling. i'm just mad right now. we have to put it past us. >> with the musketeers in st. louis, brad steinky. >> and bear cat season came as an abrupt end, losing to st. friday night. as more season ends, more names in the mix. las vegas reviewed yesterday, unlv showed interest, wrapped the 10th season. some reports saying, he's
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officials today >> someone who will be staying put. bengals quarterback, aj. and if any team came with an
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would respectfully decline . >> final check of weather.
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side. we'll think through the 40s. mid 40s at 8:00. lower 40s by 10:00 or 11:00. tomorrow, we're up to the lower 60s. you could add about 10 degrees under what we saw this afternoon. it will be windy tomorrow. at least we'll stay dry and pretty bright. clouds move in with isolated shower. thursday, it will be a wet day. storms moving through. today, you want to remember the rain gear. >> thanks for being with us, everybody.
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>> this is a new day. un nuevo dia . >> pelley: and an historic day, a first meeting between u.s. and cuban presidents in havana in nearly 90 years. also tonight, new electronic gear shifts are blamed for more than 100 accidents. the little-known law that is taking this six-year-old away known. >> with very heavy hearts we comply with the order, and we'll be waiting here for them to come take her. >> pelley: and the untold story behind one of the most


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